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Old Friends

This page is dedicated to our old friends, many of whom fished 'The Thurso' for most of their lives.

David Sinclair Left to Right: Angus Rankin - Ghillie, David Sinclair - River Superintendent 1919 to 1973 and Alan MacGregor - Ghillie outside the Ulbster Arms Hotel, in 1957.
Kenny MacDonald Kenny MacDonald the well known angler, pictured with Gordon Hines at Loch More on 5th April 2013.

Richard MatherDr Richard Mather the well known angler pictured with his favourite horse on 30th July 2013.


Alex Parramore Alex Parramore casting the first fly on the newly refurbished Parramore Pool.
David (Dar) Sutherland David (Dar) Sutherland, River Superintendent 1974 to 1980, cooling off his favourite Greyhound in Loch More on 26th February 2013.


Jim Pirie Dougie Reid and Jim Pirie at Loch Beg.
Keith Gerry and John Brown Keith Gerry and the late John Brown planting out young salmon fry. When this photo was taken, between them, Keith and John had been visiting 'The Thurso' for over one hundred years.

Eddie and Major Cook 16 year old Eddie and Major Hugh Edwin Cook at the Hoy Pumping Station on Beat 4.
Hugh Howarth Hugh Howarth (sitting to the right of Eddie) dedicating his seat on Beat 11.

1971 Spawning Team The 1971 Spawning Team. Back Row (left to right): Con Gunn, David (Dar) Sutherland, Geordie MacDonald, Derek Jordan, William Mitchell, Ben Brock and Grant MacDonald. Front Row (left to right): Dougie Reid, Morris Murray, Eddie and Gerald Paul.


Danny Green and James MacDonald James MacDonald and the late Danny Green at Loch Beg.
Morris Murray Morris Murray with a nice salmon, standing near the kennels on Beat 4.

Duncan Speirs Angler and local author, Duncan Speirs.
Peter Murchison and Gerald Paul Peter Murchison and Gerald Paul.

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