Private Beat .



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Douglas Reid Jnr on the Sauce Pool. Douglas Reid Jnr taking a 12 Pounder on the Sauce Pool, 8th September 2011.
Brians First Thurso Salmon Brian Thomson's first Thurso River Salmon, caught and released at the Sauce Pool, on 12th July 2016.

Looking Towards Hickson's Hole Looking towards Hickson's Hole.


Pete Smith Pete Smith with his first ever salmon by fly in April 2017.


Kerrie Lands a 10 PounderKerrie Ross takes and returns a 10lb Salmon at the Sauce Pool, in July 2015.


Jim LapinskiJim Lapinski with one of the fish he caught on the Private Beat, in June 2017.


James ClelandJames Cleland had a very successful few days on the Private Beat, in June 2017.