Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 29/03/2020

As most will know by now, Scottish river are in "lockdown" due to the coronavirus. Incredibly, I have heard this morning, that several morons were out fishing on some rivers in the south. As soon as the virus is under control and we are advised that it is OK to go fishing again, I will be in touch. On a positive point, my visiting Oyster Catcher`s of some eight years are back again. The world is not dead. Just been watching re-runs of some Only Fools and Horses and Del and Co. are at Triggers Uncle`s funeral. During conversation Del asks Trigger how he had got along with his Father. Triggers response was that he didn`t really know him too well------------- as he had died a couple of years before he was born !!! Classic. My first wife Isobel ( fifty years married in July) is trying to get in on the act now. We spoke this morning about what to do about dinner tonight. I advised her that I had taken some sausages out of the freezer and I would deal with dinner. She has just poked her head round the door and asked if I had decided yet how I was going to murder the sausages tonight !! Be Positive. Be Safe.