Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 13/01/2019

Yesterday ( 11th January) saw the opening of the new fishing season. The river was running at 10 inches on the gauge at Halkirk and there was a light westerly breeze blowing. Normally, I would have asked Pat ( Hector) to have the opening day on the Private Beat but he has a Spring rotation which had him fishing Beat Nine instead. Dokers MacKay was invited to go along for a few hours but did not meet with any success. Dokers has been taking care of track and Bridge repairs on the Beat and I was delighted that he could manage. Two years ago when Pat Quinn was Chairman of Thurso Angling Association he put forward a recommendation that, until the end of March, there would be no charge for fishing Beat One, and this was agreed upon. This has had the effect of the Beat being fished more regularly. There was very little incentive to visit the Beat and having to pay for the privilege with the government ban in place where there are to be no fish taken before the end of March. At least the anglers feel that they are not paying to go and get wet and cold. The Association has in place a catch and release policy thereafter.