Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 23/02/2020

Again, we remain fishless at the end of this week. In fairness, the weather has not been of the best. In the week I was giving some thought to where we are in the salmon fishing world and maybe why we are there ! at present anglers are required by Law to return any fish caught before the end of March. This "law" in itself is nothing short of ridiculous. Why would any human being stand on a river bank in freezing conditions in the knowledge that, if the caught a fish, it would have "by Law" to be returned. Then you ask "just who made this Law? These are people sitting in Edinburgh in the White Heather Club who would have difficulty in telling the difference between a salmon and a charging buffalo. Then you would have to ask " who is advising these people"? The answer is simple. These are people sitting not far away in another club! I do believe that one of them identified a charging buffalo last week !!