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Old Friends

Conrad Chilves and Gerald PaulConrad Chilves and Gerald Paul.
Malcolm Dutchman-Smith with Dougie ReidDougie Reid and Malcolm Dutchman-Smith.
Gale Party with Jimmy LoweHarry and Mrs Gale with Ghillie Jimmy Lowe. Photo taken in July 1964 showing 6 fish caught on Beat 4.
David HamblinThe late David Hamblin who originally visited the Thurso as a member of the Parramore Party in the early sixties. In the late eighties he took a fifteen year rotation on the river, starting on the 1st April every year and ending on 5th October.
Jock DavidsonThe late Jock Davidson who was a very popular ghillie in the 70s.
Stewart Sinagoca with John WebsterStewart Sinagoca with John Webster.
John Dutchman-SmithJohn Dutchman-Smith, 4th May 1985, with a 23.5lb salmon taken from Beat 13. This fish won the Trout & Salmon magazine, "Salmon of the Month" award.
Hugh HowarthThe late Hugh Howarth whom Eddie describes as one of the finest men that he has ever had the privilege of standing on a riverbank with.

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