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Old Friends

George Forbes George Forbes with Shona Gunn.
Hamish GunnAn unidentified angler with Hamish Gunn at Loch More.

Alec Gunn Alec Gunn at Loch More.
Rita and Jack BroomheadRita and Jack Broomhead at Loch Hope.


James RossJames Ross with a nice catch.

Ian Ross and Jamie Aitchison Ian Ross and Jamie Aitchison at Dale Mill, Westerdale.
Morris and George AitchisonMorris Murray and George Aitchison at the Private Beat.



Jimmy SutherlandJimmy Sutherland.

Nan EdwardsNan Edwards of Stephens Plastics, owners of the Halkirk Plastics Factory, who loved to combine the pleasure of fishing 'The Thurso' with business.
Dougie and Jeck Waters IIDougie Reid and Jeck Waters at Loch More.

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