Water Temperature Information .


How does the River Temperature work?


The temperature sensor is in the Manse Pool, on Beat 4 in approximately the middle of the river giving an accurate measure of the temperature (if it was in shallower water it would fluctuate more with sunshine/cold spells).


The sensor is connected to a long USB cable, connectors being encased in a waterproof housing. At the other end of the USB cable is a Raspberry Pi. If you think that's something you might have after your main meal in the Ulbster, then give it a google! These are amazing little devices. So, this Raspberry Pi has a small script we've developed which gathers the temperature on an hourly schedule and then uploads this information to the Internet where we are able to show you in near real time on this website. Clever, eh?!


If you wanted even more technical detail, feel free to ask Clyne a question