Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 25/11/2018

This week I had the privilege of attending a Presentation given by Dr. Alan Wells of FMS ( Fisheries Management Scotland) on the works that they carry our on our behalf, and they are many and varied and, not least, invaluable. The organisation only came in to existence some two years ago. They replaced what was the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards and The River and Fisheries Trust which would have been unable to deal with the various dramatic changes that the Scottish Parliament were threatening to impose upon the Salmon rivers of Scotland. Their funding is solely from the present Fishery Boards and Trusts and I wonder if we ( ordinary fisher people) should somehow try to do something to help with this incredibly important work. There are only two people who have taken on this task, Alan Wells and Brian Davidson, and I am concerned that, with the mountains of work they need to carry out, they might become disillusioned and stand down !! That would be a disaster! I will contact them on Monday to see if there is any way that I might be able to contribute, personally, to their work.