Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 30/09/2018

As expected, when the rains arrived it has forgotten to stop, leaving us with a river bumping up and down with a lot of weed and slime being dislodged after the long drought which has also caused the water colour to be very brown. Despite this, the Tenants in Dalnaha Cottage who had also taken the private beat for the week, had immense sport for their visit. One of their number, Nigel Davies, had taken seven fish until this visit and actually doubled his lifetime achievement with another seven salmon. Another member of the Party, Mr. John Austin, took his first ever salmon and followed with a second. Nearly all of these fish were taken on flies supplied by Hector ( !!!!!) Needless to say, Hector has become something of an icon to these gentlemen. With only five days of our season remaining it will be interesting to see how quickly the water quality will return to normal to allow the many fish lying offshore to enter the system.