Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 16/09/2018

There seems to have been a large influx of fish in to Beat One ( many big fish) and I am concerned that a large number of fish in such low water conditions may present a problem. On the positive side, the water temperature is falling almost daily. My old friend Hector ( Pat Quinn) and I were having a blether about how it is always possible to make the most of a bad thing. We were in fact speaking about the prolonged drought. Hec pointed out that, if it had not been for the low water conditions, we would not have been able to repair four Stems on Beat One and other bank repairs. He also made the very valid point that these conditions would allow anglers and ghillies alike to see parts of the river which they had never seen before and there fore have a better understanding of why and where the fish tended to prefer certain areas. Hooray for Hec !!