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Weekly Report 08/10/2017

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Reflecting on the season just gone by, it has to be said that it was very much a season of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, with the ‘ups’ much more plentiful than the ‘downs’.


What caused much comment amongst the anglers was how ‘dour’ these fish were, when to us, the river and overhead conditions, seemed perfect.  All agreed that there were no shortage of fish around on the ‘down’ days, simply the inexplicable mood that the fish appeared to be in.


Looking at the seasons totals we have to say that it has been a massive improvement on the days when the sweep nets operated in the Estuary.  We can now look forward to the magical spectacle that we have enjoyed for the past several years and that is the hundreds of pairs of fish spawning on the Redds.


We still have a busy time ahead, removing the boats from the Lochs, carrying out necessary repairs to these and the ongoing upkeep of river banks, stiles, etc.   Before we know it, it will be 11th January 2018.