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Weekly Report 10/09/2017

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The fishing continues to be very slow with both Beat 1 and the Private Beat being quite reluctant to give up their stock.  However with an overnight rise in river levels I am fairly confident that things will improve during the next week.


Pink Salmon

I had been of the opinion that the few Pink Salmon being spotted in some Northern Rivers had just got lost en-route to their own rivers and joined up with fish which I thought were heading for the North Coast.  We have recently learned that several major rivers have been blighted by this same problem which gives the lie to my original thinking.  This will have to be investigated very fully by those who should be looking for advice from rivers or system infected with these invasive species.  Because the ‘life styles’ are so different from the Atlantic Salmon I do not believe that ‘Pinks’ should affect our natural fish.  What would be of concern is if they proved to be carriers of disease.