Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 06/12/2020

With very heavy water at present I am sure that the spawned fish will be easing their way back toward the sea. It has been yet another truly phenomenal spawning year. The FMS are inviting people to a meeting in which MSS (Don`t these people just love their acronyms!) will describe their present thinking on stocking. If there is anyone in the salmon fishing world who believes that something positive for the wild salmon will come out of the meeting of this gang then I would like to sell them my house on Mars. it is a four bedroomed property with an incredible view of the Planet Earth and has it`s resident alien gardener and housemaid-----or should that be houseperson!! If the warblings of this gang were to be on the merits of Fish Farming along the Scottish Coastline, then I am sure that their message would have been incredibly positive.