Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 22/11/2020

Before I begin, could I ask everyone to only use the "eddie@thursoriver.co.uk"email address as I will be disposing of the "supanet" address as I am having huge problems with it. Thank You. Jamie flew the drone over some of the salmon redds and the results were nothing short of astounding. There was scarcely an area of the river bed that had not been disturbed by active salmon. If I can get a little advice on how to do it, I will try to let you see these images next week. With Clyne unable to come in to the house I would have to suggest that the chances of success will be minimal !!! I am really excited this afternoon as I have a very "airy" outbuilding equipped with all mod-cons and I have invited several fisherpeople to join me to watch the DVD of Nigella Lawson showing us how to butter toast. My hand is trembling so much in anticipation that I can barely hit the keys on the keyboard!