Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 08/11/2020

The final two Trout Loch boats have now been tucked away for the Winter. This is, in no small way, thanks to Jamie. Much of what was achieved this year has been down to Jamie and I am eternally grateful to him. If it were not for my older Son Clyne, we would not be viewing the beautiful photos of Loch More that we enjoy daily. He is also the man that keeps the website operating. I can not pass this opportunity to make mention of my wonderful Daughter Kerrie who is so supportive and caring in every way. Lucky, Lucky man that I am. What of my first Wife Isobel??? Well, despite all of her shortcomings( not least being married to me) being the kind , long suffering, magnanimous human being that I am I can tell you that we make a point of speaking to one another for an hour every Friday afternoon !!!!!