Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 24/05/2020

At last, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with the prospect of being able to go fishing again as of the 28th. As you look across the pond to America and then contemplate those that have been chosen as leaders in our own Country you can only ask " just why did we choose such pathetic people to lead us" The only ambition by these politicians seems to be to never ever let them be proved wrong. They openly lie, manipulate statistics and often ignore reality. Of course this could never happen in the fishing world !!! I recently read a report by a committee operating under the acronym of SIWG. They are an arm of FMS and are charged with looking after, and reporting on, the well being of our salmon population. In a recent report they have come out and basically said that there is no real evidence that fish farms are particularly harmful to wild salmon populations. What a load of complete codswallop. I think that they should rename themselves and become SWIG because they must have had a swig of something very potent to come up with this nonsense. These people claim to have the "EAR OF" the government. In reality they are the "MOUTHPIECE FOR" the government. They are summoned and then TOLD what to tell the fishing world. It is little wonder that they have become known as the SS------Sturgeon`s Stooges.