Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 03/05/2020

This has been the driest April since I returned to the Thurso in 1979. Having had a quick glance at my Grandfather`s records I think that it might be the third driest since 1930 ! It truly is one bitch of a time for all. On one hand you have the angler who almost certainly booked his fishing as he left last year, most probably paying a deposit to secure the fishing. As most Fisheries operate a non-return of these deposits and instead advise anglers to take out an insurance against this type of eventuality, these people will almost certainly be left out of pocket. On the other hand you have the river Owner/Manager who would have been using this monies to do repairs to banks, stiles, bridges etc. A river is very much a living entity and, as such, needs constant care and attention. My heart goes out to all concerned. Be Safe.