Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 22/03/2020

Dokers Mackay went one better than last week and landed a fish of nine pounds from the Sauce Pool. He reckoned that it had been in the river for about a week. With the coronavirus unsettling the whole world I anticipate many fishing cancellations which is perfectly understandable. If ever there was somewhere to self isolate I would suggest Dalnaha Cottage or No. 10 at Dalnawillan. With this accommodation comes 7 trout lochs ( with boats) plus fishing on the upper Thurso. It would be possible to visit this accommodation and never see another human being during your stay. Food for thought !! Finally, although times are going to be very difficult for everyone, I would ask you to spare a thought for those who will suffer greatly. We really must spare a thought for shoplifters at this time whose means of making a living has been completely taken away from them. If you are able, I would ask you to set a tin of beans or possible soup on your door step to allow them to nick it !!!