Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 04/08/2019

As we are due to have a few people down for dinner my first wife Isobel asked me to nip up to the Sauce Pool to catch a salmon with which to feed them. She also asked that I drop by the shop and get a loaf of bread. Knowing my talents, she was confident that this would feed all five hundred of our guests. She had already seen that I had checked to make sure that we had enough water in the house !! As I motored upriver I stopped briefly at Westerdale falls and could hear the cuckoo in the woods by Dale house but saw no evidence of salmon moving. Turning in to Dirlot sand quarry I was treated to the spectacle of the Hen Harrier drifting effortlessly overhead. In my days as a young `Keeper she was known to us as "the enemy". Nowadays, I know that she is a spectacularly beautiful bird, that kills a lot of grouse chicks! As I rounded the corner at the Graveyard, as ever, I was quite overwhelmed by the scenery. The heather was just beginning to show it`s beauty and as I approached the sauce Pool I could see the Dipper working diligently moving from rock to rock.. The fishing? Bloody hopeless!