Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 09/07/2017

Weekly Report ImageAlthough the river has been dropping away quite quickly, catches on both the Private Beat and Beat 1 have remained acceptable. There has been much debate amongst anglers over the course of the week as to whether there are the numbers of fish around as would normally be expected. Personally I can only tell you that I have seen good numbers of fish in the Estuary, good numbers of fish passing my house at the Manse Pool on Beat 4 and also the Private Beat has produced many fish during the week which were covered in Sea Lice. A new boat has been introduced on to Loch More which will be part of a package when people take a let of Dalnaha Cottage. It has been over 100 years since Loch More was fished by boat and today Pat Quinn ‘decided to test’ the boat and accidentally took a rod along with him, landing almost 40 trout in less than 2 hours. My son Clyne and his team, along with my first wife Isobel, have deserted me and are on holiday on the other side of the world. My daughter Kerrie decided to take up the reigns and upset me quite a bit by mowing the grass outside the sitting room as I was trying to watch the British Lions! Please do not feel sorry for me because I already have had serious words with her!!