Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 30/06/2019

As another month draws to a close it is time to reflect on how things have been. I think that it would be fair to say that the fishing has been a little like the weather. Completely unpredictable ! The good water levels for much of the month was somewhat cancelled out by atmospherics which were all over the place. Although catches were being made, it seemed that the fish were just "not themselves" !! I do not know myself what I mean by that. The fish were bumping the fly as opposed to taking it, they seemed lethargic, almost edgy. Maybe it was something to do with the thundery, and sometimes , oppressive atmosphere ? Yesterday, ( Friday 28th ) Pat Quinn and I sat at the Estuary at low tide for quite a while. There was no big build up of salmon but we did see some small swims of fish going around but that is what would be expected given the good river levels which would have allowed arriving fish to acclimatise, and then ascend the river.