Weekly Report .

Weekly Report 02/06/2019

Now that we are in to the month of June we can take a little time to reflect on the Spring fishing. Please note that I said Spring Fishing not Spring run ! I have been reading all kinds of reports from all kind of people. There was a time when the word "instant" only appeared on a jar of coffee or a packet of potatoes etc. Nowadays this same word can be attached to the word "expert" !! We have people offering their opinions on salmon on the basis that they cross a bridge over a salmon river on their wat to work at Playschool ! I much prefer to hear from people who have "been there and done that." On the Spring run, it would be fair to say that there appears to have been fewer fish around. There is little point in waving statistics around to prove this, as stats are only as accurate as the last ones that you invented. I have trees down by the roadside of my house who welcomed "spring" to our County in mid April. They are now dead because it was not really spring !! Might it be possible that the salmon delayed their ascent of rivers because they were not caught out by this phenomenon ? I do not know ! I would not base anything on "catch returns" as they are the least sensible of all means of estimating the salmon population. I would prefer to see the painting completed and then offer an opinion. What I can tell you is that since we have had some rainfall we are seeing lots of salmon running the river, some of which look to be of "Spring like" size.