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2014 Report

The first fly of the Season was thrown in to the Comlifoot Pool on beat four by Graham Burnie and the toast to the river was made by Robert Manson. Both are Caithness “Loons” and have been Ambassadors of the Thurso River since their youth.

It has been another very strange season with overhead conditions seeming to play a huge part in the reluctance of our fish to take hold of a fly. Even when we felt that conditions were good, our fish would follow, mouth, nose at and do many strange things rather than take the fly. Although, obviously, this did not apply at all times, it certainly was a feature of the season.

Our first fish of the Season was caught on beat thirteen by Wick Angler Ronnie Plowman in early February. From late March through to mid- May the water conditions were poor. We had a rise in levels through Loch More in the middle of May which allowed a lot of fish access to the sanctuary of the Loch, and this rise sustained river levels for a few weeks before the very hot, humid conditions took over.

Another rise in water levels came at the end of the first week of August and this ran very dirty for several days after which our catches increased dramatically. This rise in levels was to be the last that we were to see before the end of the season.

The second season of our C&R policy until mid June, has now been embraced by the greater majority of our anglers who recognise the reasoning behind the policy.

We have had no incidents of any pollution in the course of the season and, again, can report no disease of any kind in the system.

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