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Rod Information

Rod requirements can vary greatly on the Thurso depending on the time of year, height of water, type of line, and - of course - personal preference.

Generally, for Spring and Back-end fishing you would do well with a 14' or 15' rod when you will typically be using heavier flies, heavier lines and (all being well) fishing bigger water too.  With this size of rod you will comfortably access every pool on the Thurso.

For mid-season it really is dependant on conditions - particular river height.  Personally, if the river height is around 12" or less, then I like to use a large trout rod - perhaps 10'6 or 11'.  With this you can access most pools with relative ease, you are using small flies and a floating line and it really does give you a great bit of sport - no matter how small or large the fish on the end! 

However, for some parts of the river - such as Beats 12, 7, 6 and 5 then a larger rod can help to cover your water with a little more ease.