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From: Chris Hordern
Date: 26/01/2008
Comment: How can I establish which fishing is availabe
From: John Michael Firth
Date: 25/01/2008
Comment: If anglers carry a pair of good forceps you can release most fish with out any problem.Do'nt change what is'int broken. See you in April.
From: David Holmes
Date: 24/01/2008
Comment: Ref Barbless hooks: My own opinion is that they be made compulsory during spring and autumn fishing. I have in the past been put off from fishing a whole day from catching kelts on standard hooks. These spent fish it must be remembered, have used considerable energy in entering the system, avoiding predation, and eventually have spawned. It is surely fair that they are out of the water as short a time as possible. However I can understand a fishermans reluctance to use barbless when they are spending so much money persuing their quarry.
From: John Mills
Date: 23/01/2008
Comment: Its always a worry when Spring fishing that kelts are returned to the water with a good chance of a full recovery.I have always found that by limiting hook sizes on waddies and tubes a good pair of long nosed forceps will almost always be successful and also reduces the chance of impaling your finger,Pat !!!
From: Rob Wakefield
Date: 20/01/2008
Comment: I think that barbless hooks penetrate deeper than barbed ones and in some cases do more harm....any thoughts anyone?

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