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Here are a list of all our comments received on our website through the "Your Say" option.  All comments are listed in date received (latest first).

From: Chris Hordern
Date: 26/01/2008
Comment: How can I establish which fishing is availabe
From: John Michael Firth
Date: 25/01/2008
Comment: If anglers carry a pair of good forceps you can release most fish with out any problem.Do'nt change what is'int broken. See you in April.
From: David Holmes
Date: 24/01/2008
Comment: Ref Barbless hooks: My own opinion is that they be made compulsory during spring and autumn fishing. I have in the past been put off from fishing a whole day from catching kelts on standard hooks. These spent fish it must be remembered, have used considerable energy in entering the system, avoiding predation, and eventually have spawned. It is surely fair that they are out of the water as short a time as possible. However I can understand a fishermans reluctance to use barbless when they are spending so much money persuing their quarry.
From: John Mills
Date: 23/01/2008
Comment: Its always a worry when Spring fishing that kelts are returned to the water with a good chance of a full recovery.I have always found that by limiting hook sizes on waddies and tubes a good pair of long nosed forceps will almost always be successful and also reduces the chance of impaling your finger,Pat !!!
From: Rob Wakefield
Date: 20/01/2008
Comment: I think that barbless hooks penetrate deeper than barbed ones and in some cases do more harm....any thoughts anyone?
From: Doug Powell
Date: 20/01/2008
Comment: Would suggest using Partridge big mouth doubles with the barbs crimped as suitable hooks for tube flies for the early season. They are relatively inexpensive compared to Loop doubles and treble hooks yet more than serve the pupose.
From: Pat Nicol
Date: 19/01/2008
Comment: Re Barbless Hooks, It might well be a good idea because yesterday I had one with a barb stuck in my finger whilst trying to release a kelt and it was very painful to say the least, imagine how the fish must feel.
From: Tony Singleton
Date: 13/01/2008
Comment: Eddie,
Welcome to the 2008 season. Viewing the video allowed me to think of our planned visit later in 2008. May all anglers experience all the best the river has to offer. A river with running fish, a delightfull environment and an organisation committed to meeting anglers needs and sending them home content. Tight lines to all.
From: Chris Lightfoot
Date: 12/10/2007
Comment: In reply to your request re information outside the season. Regular, although not necessarily weekly updates on spawning etc I would look forward to. River height out of season on a daily basis would not be of interest to me. Anything exceptional could be included in any updates.
From: Chris Lightfoot
Date: 25/09/2007
Comment: If there is not one already can I suggest including a weather web-site. The one that has recently come to my attention is It gives a comprehensive and detailed forecast of a selected area, including Caithness. How accurate it is is anyones guess, but I like it at the moment as it is forecasting rain for next week! See you then. Will you be out of hospital?
From: Isobel McCarthy
Date: 11/09/2007
Comment: Hi - Isobel here (Eddies grizzly guts!). In relation to the weekly report of 01/09/07 - Yes Eddie was right, he will be in hospital but I think it only fair to wait until after the fishing season ends in October. It's only fair to you anglers and of course Simon Laird. And by the way, it's not grapes Eddie likes - it's prunes!
From: pierre siboni
Date: 01/09/2007
Comment: Dear Eddie,
you know last year I came onThurso river and I hadn't a fly with the name of my wife so I didn't take any fish.
I immediately go on my vice and and I will try to make a beautifull " françoise's" fly. It will be very hard!!!!!!!
and I have 4 daughters, so I will do a
Emilie fly.........
to accurate my chances
If I don't get any fish this year, I will see you in your Hospital.................... with a good bottle of Wiskhy and we will see the Rugby world cup together
Allez la France!
see you
Best retablissment

From: mike clark
Date: 09/08/2007
Comment: Very impressed with new site, one brief comment, suggest water height (preferably in Inches" to be shown with daily catch report. Looking forward to being with you in Sept.
From: eric starke
Date: 08/08/2007
Comment: hi, your new site is far far better and another improvment that compliments all that is happening on the thurso.well done to eddie and his team.
From: gavin duffy
Date: 29/07/2007
Comment: congrats on the new web site!my first visit from ireland to the river had a fantastic time on the first week in july facailities and people first class!really looking forward to my return next year
From: jim fleming
Date: 26/07/2007
Comment: hi you new web site is excellent first class information and some lovely photo,s and pictures. say a big HELLO too pat nicol hope your catching plenty tight lines
From: shane gallagher
Date: 25/07/2007
Comment: great new site very modern!Hello to everybody in halkirk....had a great time there in july..without a shadow of dout see u all next year!!!
From: Isidro Carbonell
Date: 25/07/2007
Comment: Congratulations for your new page. Having recently moved from Caithness and missing it so much, its good to be able to keep in touch with what happens on the river.
The new site is much more informative and modern.Again another prove of good work by eddie and family
From: Chris Ramus
Date: 24/07/2007
Comment: Just seen your new web site for the first time . A great improvement on the two old sites. Congratulations to the designer. Looking forward to keeping up to date with the news from the Thurso and fishing next year.
From: Tony Singleton
Date: 23/07/2007
Comment: Following our first viist in the drought of May 2007 I have followed the old web site with express interest.(When did it rain? and when did the fish arrive?) The new web site meets all your expectations, congratualations!! Save some bars of silver for our return at the end of August!!
From: Pierre Siboni
Date: 23/07/2007
Comment: Your new web site is wonderfull very clear super bravo
From: Paul White
Date: 22/07/2007
Comment: Your new site is excellent and gives great info.
In fact the info is so good I can't wait to get back and fish, what I believe to be the best river in UK!
See you next year (I hope!)
From: Clyne McCarthy
Date: 22/07/2007
Comment: We really would welcome all feedback on the site - particularly if you'd like to see any other information or features added to the site. We hope you enjoy the new site, find it easier to navigate and more pleasing to the eye.