"The Original source of information on The Thurso"

All weather data is shown below.

rain 24h mm206.6
wind speed kmh---
storm alarm number0
wind speed knt---
rain 1h mm27.4
windchill deg C---
pressure relative hpa992.0
wind speed mps---
dewpoint deg C9.2
time last actualisation16/08/2015 15:56
wind direction name---
rain 1h inch1.00
wind speed bft---
wind speed mph---
windchill deg F---
pressure absolute inHg29.88
rain 24h inch8.10
weather tendency number1
rain total inch108.00
outdoor temperature deg C16.5
wind direction deg---
rain total mm2744.7
outdoor temperature deg F61.8
pressure relative inHg29.29
pressure absolute hpa1011.9
outdoor humidity percent62
dewpoint deg F48.7