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Date Published: 29/05/2016
Report: We have had another excellent week on the Thurso, taking a further 60 fish. The weather and river have been kind to us with a rise in the river on Sunday followed by overcast conditions for the first part of the week.
It is worth noting that although I report the number of fish caught, what we sometimes overlook is the number of rods catching them. If we look at the number of rods fishing, a maximum of 12 per week and the number of fish caught over the last two weeks, this gives us an average 6 fish per rod, per week, which for a week’s spring fishing is outstanding and few other rivers can match.
As always the bare facts hide the ups and downs of fishing, but in the second week, one rod fishing 9am to 5pm took 19 fish for his week and didn’t have a blank day, which looking at historical records is a record for a spring week on the Thurso. During the week we started to see a few grilse appear and also a couple of unseasonable kelts. Success on the river is always a combination of things, the right weather, good fishers, good ghillies and a good number of salmon in the river, some of which we can control and some we can’t. What is certain is that is that the river is in fine fettle and nothing I can claim credit for, Thank you Eddie and Dougie for leaving the river in great shape.