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Below you will find the catches for Monday 04 July 2016 on which date the river height was 18 inches dropping.

BeatNo. FishSizes
Beat 2719,16,14,9,7,7,4lbs
Beat 3916,16,13,11,11,6,6,3,3lbs
Beat 41
Beat 5415,6,5,4lbs
Beat 60
Beat 7516,12,9,8,5
Beat 80
Beat 91015,12,12,10,6.5,5,4,4,3lbs
Beat 10512,7,4,4,4lbs
Beat 11914,13,13,8,8,7,6,4,4lbs
Beat 1238,4,4lbs
Loch Beg0
Beat 132