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About the Camera at Loch More

Where is it?

The camera is located on the chimney of the fishing hut at Loch More.  It is securely fastened so won't get blown off in strong weather.  It faces down the pass as can be seen from the photo above.

How does it work?

The camera has a SIM card installed (essentially a mobile phone inside it).  We have configured it to take a picture every hour during daylight hours.  The camera is also equipped with motion and heat sensors that will trigger a photo should anyone get close enough.  Don't worry, walking around the hut won't trigger this - you would need to be on the roof for it to trigger!

Once the photo has been taken, it is emailed to a robotic address owned by the website.  That email box is automatically read by a robot and the latest image is made available on the website.

How is it powered?

The camera is fitted with 12 AA batteries, so does not need external power.  In addition, we have fitted a small solar panel to the side of the camera (you might be able to see this if you look closely at the loch side of the camera), so that when there is sufficient daylight there is no reliance on the batteries.  This should (in theory, at least!) mean the batteries only need to be changed around once per year.

Any other questions?

We'd be happy to hear and answer any other questions you might have about our camera, indeed any feedback is welcome.  You can either Ask Eddie directly, or contact Clyne who can give any more technical detail you might need or want!

We hope this is a useful addition to the website.  Enjoy!